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WedManagerPlus has been designed as a simple, friendly and pleasant environment. It speaks your language and isn’t cluttered up with confusing links and incomprehensible menus.   The entry and management sections will meet all the needs and requirements you have as a photographer. The system offers plenty of choices for every event and the intelligent auto completion for the entry fields, for the search for information and for the monitoring of workload, helps you to describe events with all the detail you need. With WedManagerPlus you can:


  1. enter details of new clients/appointments/events or update existing information,
  2. search for information on specific categories such as all weddings at one particular church, on one specific date etc,
  3. send e-mails to multiple recipients,
  4. keep up to date with all your appointments and, through Google Maps which is linked with WedManagerPlus, get directions on how to get there,  
  5. launch electronic mail box applications (e.g. Outlook) from inside the contact record,
  6. keep a record of colleagues who are involved in every event you enter in the system - this lets you keep track of all the information you need to be on top of everything.




WedManagerPlus is here to make your work quicker and easier.



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