Collecting and organising data

Thanks to the flexible features it offers, WedManagerPlus is the ultimate tool for systematic monitoring and evaluation of data.

With the Cash Control you can control and supervise all your business’ financial transactions. Any time you want, you can find out how much cash is available and whether any payments from clients etc are outstanding. You can also calculate and check any transactions with third parties such as suppliers or business associates.

The Aggregate Data is illustrated by dynamic graphs which are updated in accordance with any data you enter and show the statistical details of you business. By looking at the graphs you can gather useful and up to date information which will help you to improve your business. For example, by looking for the frequency of weddings, you can see which are the most popular months for weddings and which months are the least popular. Using this information you can, for example, be more flexible when introducing special offers. Similarly, by searching to see the way in which clients found out about you, you can use use this statistical information to improve or change your advertising strategy.



WedManagerPlus is you smartest helper!

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