Technology at your service!

Whether you have a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, you can access your records wherever you are. WedManagerPlus does not have to be installed on you computer and this gives you the advantage of being able to use its features anywhere, any time and from any device with an internet connection. All the data you enter into WedManagerPlus is stored in the most reliable servers and is backed up constantly in accordance with the highest safety standards. WedManagerPlus keeps your personal details completely confidential. It is only possible to access its features by using your own personal password, and you account is “locked” if five unsuccessful attempts to connect are made. Also, if you have been inactive for twenty minutes, you are automatically disconnected from the system.

WedManagerPlus develops alongside you in line with your requirements. We take all market developments and any requirements you yourself have into account so that we can update the individual functions when necessary. WedManagerPlus offers you the support you need, whatever the problem is and wherever you are.


WedManagerPlus helps your business to take off!

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